About MFA

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Muscat Foundation Academy, licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation, has partnered with NCUK to increase access to high-quality international education. The International Foundation Year (IFY) qualification aims to prepare students for entrance into universities worldwide.

The academy is committed to delivering an “exceptional foundation for a sustainable tomorrow” through intellectually stimulating and fostering a progressive learning environment by bringing together excellent student support and a team of highly qualified staff. MFA aligns its vision and mission statement, with its core values: challenge, support and inspire along every step of the way.

Our Vision:

To nurture well-rounded, confident and ambitious individuals who aspire to reach their full potential while becoming Oman’s #1 preferred academy choice.

Our Mission:

To provide an international educational experience tailored to achieve excellence through the transfer and application of knowledge. Students will be supported with high-quality learning instilled on achieving personal and professional success as well as a sustainable contribution to their communities and beyond.

Our Values


Students are challenged academically and personally, ensuring they continuously grow their learning capacity to develop and apply knowledge across boundaries of all kinds within and beyond Muscat Foundation Academy (MFA).


We support a diverse range of learning needs to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our people. We create an inclusive environment in which achievements are celebrated and rewarded, while upholding respectable relations between our staff and students by working together for shared success.


We Inspire to commit excellence in our work, through enthusiasm, developing resilience, perseverance, and confidence in our teaching and learning experience and fostering engagement at the highest level.

About NCUK

NCUK is a unique organisation of leading universities that offers international students guaranteed access to universities and helps students succeed when they get there.

On successful completion of the International Foundation Year at MFA, students are guaranteed a place on thousands of courses at one of the NCUK universities across the UK, the USA, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean.

NCUK helped over 35,000 international students gain guaranteed access to leading universities around the world.

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